Carving A Backflow Incense Cone Holder In Maltese Limestone

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This post shows the creation of a backflow incense cone holder in Maltese limestone on a recent carving course.Stone with initial face sketched on

Here you can see the stone with the initial idea of the face sketched on to it. The idea was to accentuate the features, particularly the mouth.

Initial roughing out of the features

With the face sketched on, the initial features are roughed out with a half inch claw and mallet.

further roughing out with the claw and mallet

Further roughing out, and the development of the mouth.

The development of the mouth.

The development of the mouth. The mouth was cut upwards to create shadow.

Refinement of the facial features

The facial features were refined, and the eyes and nose given definition.

A tongue added

At this point it was decided that a tongue was needed to create some interest to the mouth. Referencing the previous picture, the tongue was created by carving into the bottom lip.

The eyes are finished

The eyes are now finished and other features further refined.

The hole is drilled for the cone

Here you can see the hole that was drilled into the top of the stone for the cone to sit. The smaller hole is just the result of the pilot drill for the hole cutter; the slightly larger hole is for smoke from the cone to pass down.

The hole as seen from the mouth

This is the hole as seen from the mouth

The finished carving

Here is the finished carving, ready for it’s journey home. Thank you to George from Scotland for sharing it’s creation.

2 comments on Carving A Backflow Incense Cone Holder In Maltese Limestone

George Ellis on 19th August 2017 at 11:32am

Hi Eilidh. Just a note to say a big thank you for all of your help – and it works; the smoke from the cones comes out of the mouth!

Eilidh Fridlington on 20th August 2017 at 11:05pm

Hello George – my pleasure, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

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