Carving The Garden Spirit

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Carving a Garden Spirit with Lee. Lee wanted to carve something that would live amongst his plants and add interest to his garden. For this carving we chose a naturally shaped piece of Ancaster limestone.

The beginning of carving the Garden Spirit

The idea was to use the natural wedge shape of the stone, so here we see Lee starting work on the narrow end to create a natural flowing structure.

Carving leaves and a flower

Further refinement, here Lee has avoided creating hair which wouldn’t have suited the finished piece. Instead, he’s created the suggestion of leaves and a flower.

Creating the facial features with the claw chisel

Now the facial features are roughed out using the claw chisel.

Facial features refined with a flat chisel and dummy

Here, Lee has started smoothing some of the facial area with a flat chisel and dummy.

Eyes are carved into the stone using a flat chisel and dummy

Lee working on the eye details. To give the carving a peaceful and oriental look, he decided not to add pupils or any details to the eyes.

The finished eyes and mouth carved into the stone

The carving of the eyes and mouth is now finished.

a suprise dragon is carved on the side of the stone

Lee decided to carve some pattern work on the side of the piece with a claw chisel and mallet. As can be seen in the picture, a dragon’s head soon appeared.

The finished Garden Spirit carving

The finished carving, awaiting it’s trip home to Wales.

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